Brightpick Autopicker wins Best Fulfillment Solution award

Brightpick Autopicker has won the award for the “Best Fulfillment and Optimization Solution” at the E-commerce Germany Awards in Berlin.

The E-commerce Germany Awards is an annual event that recognizes and celebrates outstanding achievements in the e-commerce industry. This prestigious awards ceremony serves as a platform to honor companies and individuals who have demonstrated excellence, innovation, and significant contributions to the e-commerce sector. The jury is composed of eight members, all of whom are end-users and operators within the e-commerce space.

This year 28 companies applied for the category “Best Fulfillment and Optimization Solution”, which Brightpick Autopicker taking 1st place.

Brightpick Autopicker is the only mobile robot in the world that robotically picks and consolidates orders directly in the warehouse aisles. The robot’s patented two-tote design enables it to retrieve storage totes (bins) from shelving and robotically pick individual items from those storage totes into an adjacent order tote. It does this repeatedly as it moves through the warehouse aisles until the order or batch has been fully picked. The robots use proprietary machine vision and AI to reliably pick everything from ambient and chilled groceries to pharmaceuticals, medical devices, packaged goods, cosmetics, electronics, polybagged apparel and more.

In addition to in-aisle picking, Brightpick Autopicker offers Goods-to-Person picking for heavy or hard-to-pick items. The robot automatically takes those totes to a centralized Goods-to-Person station where a human picks the item. This enables companies to use the robot to maximize their labor savings without worrying about every single item being robotically pickable. The versatile Brightpick Autopicker can also be used for pallet picking, stock replenishment, dynamic slotting, order consolidation, buffering and dispatch.

Check out how Europe’s second largest pharmacy chain Dr.Max fully automated its order picking using Brightpick Autopicker robots.

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