Fully Automated,
Flexible Fulfillment

Eliminate Labor Challenges While Maximizing Order Throughput

Game-Changing Fulfillment Solution

BRIGHTPICK revolutionizes fulfillment by enabling eCommerce retailers, eGrocers, and 3PLs to fully automate their picking operations in less than two weeks. BRIGHTPICK is a highly configurable, end-to-end solution with intuitive optimization and orchestration software that easily adapts as business needs change.

BRIGHTPICK Autonomously

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Decant and putaway utilizing commodity shelving and tote storage.

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Transfer products to picking stations using the fastest tote delivery system available.


Leverage fully automated AI-based robotic picking. Scalable from 300 to 10,000 picks per hour.


Consolidate orders from multiple zones without conveyor. Flex up to 100,000 orders per day and beyond.

Tailored to your needs


Insulate your business from labor challenges, reduce returns, and easily flex during peak season. Install in two weeks or less, pay only for the needed performance, and add throughput as needed. Implement an end-to-end solution with high efficiency, but free of heavy infrastructure or conveyor.



Automation enables faster and more accurate orders, helping drive growth and profitability. BRIGHTPICK provides the ability to scale your automation investment as your orders grow. Just in time consolidation from multiple temperature zones ensures optimal dispatch or pick-up timing.


3PLs warehouse

Short-term customer contracts combined with unique automation needs usually prohibits many 3PLs from implementing fixed automation. BRIGHTPICK provides the order throughput of fixed automation, but can be reconfigured for use by existing and new customers.



Deploy in two weeks or less into virtually any location, of any size and any shape – greenfield or brownfield. Provides 4X the efficiency of traditional automation without fixed infrastructure.


Best in class 3D vision combined with AI algorithms enables precise item identification and picking as fast as 6 seconds per item per picking station.


Easily expand as volume grows. Scale from 1,000 to 100,000 SKUs or from ambient to refrigerated with no QR codes or markers. RaaS model enables immediate ROI.


Easy to

Modular design makes it simple to reconfigure as business needs, locations, or customers change. Provides the flexibility of mobile robotics, but with up to 4X the efficiency

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