Maximal throughput
In any space

Pick Efficiency

Save on every pick

Efficient order picking solution proven by hundreds of thousands items picked every day
Suitable for
Nano & Micro Fulfillment Centers as well as Central Fulfillment Centers
Enabling same day or even rapid delivery

We store1

Flexible & cost effective storage without heavy infrastructure. Up and running in weeks.

We retrieve2

The fastest tote retrieval system. Brings a tote in just 15 seconds.

We pick3

Fully automated robotic picking. Easily scalable from 500 to 10.000 picks per hour.

We consolidate4

Consolidate orders from multiple zones without a conveyor. Up to 100 000 orders per day.

Tailored to your needs


Make your grocery delivery profitable with scalable and flexible system that will grow in line with your orders. Just in time consolidation from multiple temperature zones ensures optimal dispatch or pick-up timing.


Leave the fear of scaling behind with automated order picking system that will fit the bill. Install in days, pay only for the needed performance and add throughput once your business will grow further. Automated order consolidation and sorting makes sure that your customers will get what they ordered.

Efficient design


Deploy in days into virtually ANY location, of ANY size and ANY shape. Store from 1 000 to 50 000 SKUs. All storage positions are easily accessible.


NO QR codes, NO markers, NO single point of failure. Just vision navigated robotic runners swiftly retrieving totes.


Best in class 3D vision combined with AI algorithms enables precise item localization and ensures collision free pick with each robot every 7 seconds.


No conveyors needed. Order consolidation and dispatching using mobile robots to streamline your operations.

your first pick in automated fulfillment.