Take the risk out of medical fulfillment

Enhance order accuracy, reduce labor costs, and effortlessly meet regulatory requirements

Easily automate order picking, consolidation and dispatch using our AI warehouse robots

Why PHARMA and medical distributors need automation

Common challenges for distributors

  1. Cost inflation Rising costs and poor labor availability hurts profitability and growth
  2. Increased demand for LUM / piece picking Requires more labor and increases picking errors
  3. High risks from picking errors Errors in pharmaceutical orders can have life-or-death consequences
  4. Strict SLAs and short fulfillment windows Short timelines require rapid order fulfillment without compromising on accuracy
  5. Need for order consolidation Large orders require efficient consolidation and sorting before dispatch
  6. Regulation Evolving and strict regulations for tracking and quality control

How Brightpick helps

  • Minimizes labor requirements
  • Eliminates human picking error
  • Facilitates regulatory compliance and inventory tracking
  • Ensures critical orders are always shipped on time
  • Speeds up order picking and order fulfillment
  • Cuts picking and fulfillment costs
  • Increases customer and employee satisfaction

of warehouse operators already use or plan to start using robots within the next 3 years

How it works:

Case study

European pharmacy giant Dr. Max automates order picking with Brightpick Autopicker

Dr. Max is the second largest pharmacy chain in Europe with 3,000 pharmacies across 6 countries. The company uses Brightpick Autopicker robots to pick and consolidate orders to regularly replenish pharmacies and hospitals.

The company faced several challenges in its previous order picking and replenishment processes, including high labor intensity, picking errors and limited scalability

Brightpick provided a flexible solution that enabled DR MAX to:

  • Reduce labor for picking and putaway by 100%
  • Increase throughput by 40% to 7000 picks per day
  • Eliminate human picking errors and improve order accuracy
  • Enhance scalability to meet future growth needs
Read the full case study
Brightpick enabled us to reallocate all our human pickers to quality control instead. We also see that the picking error rate has improved.

Tomas Seget

Deputy Director of Logistics at Dr. Max

Boost inventory accuracy

Improve inventory visibility and tracking in compliance with local and federal regulation.

  • Track each SKU and batch independently and quickly isolate and recall specific batches if needed.
  • Deploy custom picking strategy such as a first-expiry first-out, FIFO or LIFO.
  • Easily access all inventory even in emergency scenarios (such as power failure or natural disasters).


How will Brightpick
make my job easier?

Executive Leadership

  • Maximize shareholder value by increasing margins and operating efficiency
  • Protect brand reputation by eliminating human errors from your operation
  • Reduce business risk and adhere to all regulations through automation and standardization
  • Maximize shareholder value by increasing margins and operating efficiency
  • Easily grow your operation without heavy upfront investment

Director of Operations

  • Meet and exceed KPIs and reduce performance variability in your operations
  • Easily adhere to regulatory requirements with standardized processes and accurate software tracking
  • Reduce operating costs by reducing labor, increasing productivity, and eliminating human errors
  • Improve performance and picking accuracy so critical orders are always shipped on time and accurately
  • Deploy in weeks with minimal risk to your ongoing operations

Distribution Manager

  • Get work done faster with fewer human touches, higher accuracy, and increased throughput
  • Manage intraday spikes without risking critical shipment windows
  • Improve traceability and batch handling by easily tracking all your products
  • Increase capacity without growing your workforce
  • Improve workplace safety by reducing physical strain and enhancing workplace ergonomics

Warehouse Associate

  • Say goodbye to long walks by letting Brightpick Autopickers pick the items for you
  • Reduce physical strain with improved workplace ergonomics
  • Accelerate your career by working directly with innovative technology
  • Go home on time knowing the work is complete with the help of Brightpick Autopickers
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Fast payback, immediate results

Our customers achieve ROI in as little as 1-2 years. By reducing labor needs to a minimum and eliminating human errors, you can realize large cost savings and boost your margins. Using our robots, you will speed up your fulfillment, improve customer and employee satisfaction, and reduce risk in your operations.

In some cases, Brightpick robots can be rented via a robots-as-a-service (RaaS) model instead of being purchased outright. Speak to our sales team to see if you qualify for this.

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Improve profitability and offer customers better prices by reducing your fulfillment costs.

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Improve patient care and customer satisfaction by eliminating human picking errors.

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Improve inventory tracking and store more in the same warehouse footprint.

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Minimize upfront costs and scale throughput gradually based on your needs.

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Speed up order picking and always meet your SLAs without adding footprint or labor.

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Reduce supply chain risk and achieve 99.9% uptime with no single point of failure.

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