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  • What is Brightpick?

    Brightpick offers AI robots for warehouses to easily automate every step of their order fulfillment. Brightpick Autopicker, our award-winning flagship robot, is the only mobile robot in the world that robotically picks and consolidates orders directly in the warehouse aisles. Headquartered near Cincinnati, OH, Brightpick has more than 200 employees and is part of Photoneo Brightpick Group, which has over 7000 technology installations across the US, Europe and Asia.

  • How much labor can I save with Brightpick?

    Warehouses typically reduce picking labor by 85-95% with Brightpick compared to manual operations. The exact labor savings will depend on what percentage of your SKU range is robotically pickable. In addition, our robots fully automate put away, which reduces labor needs for stock replenishment.

  • How much does Brightpick cost?

    Each solution is designed to your specific needs and throughput requirements, so pricing will depend on your specifications. We do not sell single robots but rather the solution as a whole, including software, installation and support. The smallest installation size we offer consists of 8-10 robots.

    You can reach out to our customer success team here to discuss your specifications and receive pricing.

  • What is the lead time for installation?

    Typically 4-7 months from PO to go-live, depending on our current manufacturing backlog.

  • Can the Brightpick solution be expanded post-installation?

    Yes, the solution is very easy to scale. To increase throughput, you just need to connect additional robots to the system’s Wi-Fi network. To scale storage capacity, all you need is to add additional shelves and map out the new aisles using the robots already on-site.

  • Can Brightpick be moved from one warehouse to another?

    Yes. The Brightpick solution is simple to move because it uses no fixed infrastructure. The robots and shelving can be easily disassembled, transported to a new location and set up in weeks.

  • What is the uptime of the solution?

    Our existing installations have achieved uptime of 99.5% or higher. Because our solution has no single point of failure, we can achieve stable and reliable performance with minimal risk of unexpected downtime.

  • What is the throughput of one Brightpick Goods-to-Person station?

    We offer several configurations of G2P stations. The highest-throughput configuration handles four tote presentations simultaneously and achieves a throughput of 350 presentations per hour.

  • Where is Brightpick based?

    Brightpick is headquartered near Cincinnati, OH. In addition, we also have a tech center in Bratislava, Slovakia, where we do all our R&D and manufacturing.


  • How do the robots navigate?

    Each individual Brightpick robot has LiDAR-based navigation. The robots do not need any QR codes, magnetic tape or other navigation markers to navigate.

  • What type of items can Brightpick Autopicker pick?

    Brightpick Autopicker can reliably pick everything from ambient and chilled groceries to pharmaceuticals, medical devices, packaged goods, cosmetics, electronics, polybagged apparel and more. Its advanced AI algorithms have been trained on more than 500 million picks to date and use machine learning to improve with each pick.

    In addition, each robot also has Goods-to-Person capabilities for items that cannot be robotically picked.

  • What's the maximum weight per pick?

    5.5 lbs / 2.5 kg. Any items heavier than that will automatically be sent to a Goods-to-Person station for picking.

  • Can Brightpick Autopicker pick multiple orders simultaneously?

    Yes. We can split our order tote into two sub-sections and pick two orders simultaneously. Our robots can also batch pick multiple orders into the same order tote.

  • Can Brightpick Autopicker pick orders directly into cardboard boxes?

    We are developing this capability.

  • Can Brightpick robots work in chilled and frozen environments?

    Our robots work in chilled and refrigerated environments, provided it is a constant environment (constant humidity and temperature). They are not suitable for frozen environments.

  • Do the robots require safety fencing?

    No, our solution does not require safety fencing. The system is designed for qualified technicians and employees to be able to enter at any time and safely walk around the robots without pausing the system.

  • How long does the battery last on the robots?

    One robot requires 1 hour charge for 5 hours of operation. A full charge lasts approximately 6-7 hours. Smart autonomous charging ensures the robots never run out of battery and that all robots are working during peak hours.

  • What are the power requirements to charge the robots?

    Our robots use standard power outlets (110V in US and 220V in Europe) to charge and do not need any special electrical equipment.

  • What happens if a robot breaks down?

    If one robot breaks down, none of the other robots or workflows are affected. If the error cannot be resolved by our remote support team, the robot is taken out of the system until a certified Brightpick technician can resolve the error on-site. At no point does the entire system need to paused, even when entering the system to retrieve the broken robot.

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  • What does Brightpick Intuition software do?

    Brightpick Intuition is the “brain” that orchestrates and optimizes the entire fleet of Brightpick robots in each warehouse. The software builds a digital twin of the warehouse which enables the customer to view and monitor all the robots in their warehouse in real time. The advanced software masterminds the entire fulfillment workflow, including robot path planning, to ensure maximum efficiency and throughput for the warehouse.

    Brightpick Intuition is also a critical part of the inventory management process, which includes tracking all totes and SKUs, dynamically slotting totes, and replenishing items when needed.

  • Can we use our existing WMS or ERP software with Brightpick?

    Yes. Brightpick uses standard interfaces (APIs) to communicate between our software and your WMS / ERP.

  • Do Brightpick robots do dynamic tote slotting?

    Yes. Brightpick robots dynamically slot each tote in the most optimal storage location based on each SKU’s historical or expected picking frequency. The robots do the slotting mainly at night, but also throughout the day during any quiet periods.

  • Does Brightpick offer performance dashboards?

    We offer intuitive performance and analytics dashboards which show the status of each robot, location of each SKU, and key operating data such as system throughput and order status.

  • Does Brightpick Intuition log all activity in case of failure?

    All activity, including failures, is logged and traceable. Our Brightpick Intuition software tracks all totes, SKUs, and robots at all times.

  • Where is the software hosted?

    Each installation has an on-site server where the software is hosted.

  • How is the software updated?

    The on-site server is updated remotely.

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