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Improve profitability and offer customers better prices by reducing your fulfillment costs

Easily automate order picking, consolidation and dispatch using our AI warehouse robots

Why e-Grocers need automation

Common challenges for e-grocers

  1. Lack of profitability in online sales High picking and last mile costs hurt profitability
  2. Demanding customers Demands for faster delivery, added convenience and more delivery slots during peak hours
  3. Complex supply chain High volumes and multiple picking zones increase operational complexity
  4. Expensive labor Poor availability and high cost of warehouse labor limits growth and profitability
  5. High error rates Picking errors reduce customer satisfaction

How Brightpick helps

  • Minimizes labor requirements
  • Cuts picking and fulfillment costs
  • Eliminates human picking errors
  • Speeds up order picking
  • Increases volumes without adding footprint
  • Increases customer and employee satisfaction
  • Enables easy scalability and more shifts

of grocers rate “Improve picking efficiency” as their #1 profitability lever

How it works:

Case study

Knuspr buffers and dispatches orders using Brightpick robots

Knuspr is one of Germany’s fastest-growing e-grocers.

The company has large average order sizes consisting of dozens of items per order. Its Munich fulfillment center holds more than 15,000 SKUs and has multiple picking zones to accommodate different types of products.

Knuspr was looking for a flexible robotic solution to automate the post-pick order buffer, consolidation and dispatch process.

Brightpick provided a flexible solution that enabled KNUSPR to:

  • Dispatch 20% more orders during peak hours
  • Reduce labor for order consolidation and buffer to zero
  • Extend warehouse operations to 18 hours per day
  • Eliminate human errors from the dispatch process
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We needed automation to make our operation more efficient, stable and scalable. We selected Brightpick because of the fast design and installation time, stable and high-performing product and robot-as-a-service pricing model.

Ales Malucha

Chief Automation Officer at Rohlik Group


How will Brightpick
make my job easier?

Executive Leadership

  • Achieve profitability in your e-grocery business by reducing picking and fulfillment costs
  • Improve customer satisfaction by delivering orders faster and offering more slots during peak hours
  • Protect brand reputation by eliminating human errors from your operation
  • Easily scale volumes without heavy upfront investment
  • Reduce business risk and scale gradually with the market

Director of Operations

  • Meet and exceed KPIs and reduce performance variability in your operations
  • Reduce operating costs by optimizing labor spend, increasing productivity, and eliminating human errors
  • Deploy automation in weeks with minimal risk to your ongoing operations
  • Strategize, plan, execute with more stability and predictability in your operations

Supply Chain Manager

  • Smooth out intraday peaks by picking and buffering orders in advance
  • Get work done faster with fewer human touches, higher accuracy, and increased throughput
  • Increase capacity without having to grow your workforce
  • Easily extend your operating hours to ship more orders each day
  • Improve employee morale by simplifying the workload and upskilling your associates
  • Improve workplace safety by reducing physical strain and enhancing workplace ergonomics

Continuous Improvement

  • Quickly deploy automation that can be installed and operational in weeks
  • Easily integrate the automation with your existing WMS or ERP
  • Modular, scalable, flexible design enables you to deploy in various-sized warehouses, single or multi-levels, greenfields and brownfields

Ecommerce Manager

  • Improve customer experience by always delivering your orders accurately and on time
  • Offer customers more delivery slots during peak hours by increasing capacity

Warehouse Associate

  • Say goodbye to long walks by letting Brightpick Autopickers pick the items for you
  • Reduce physical strain with improved workplace ergonomics
  • Accelerate your career by working directly with innovative technology
  • Go home on time knowing the work is complete with the help of Brightpick Autopickers
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Fast payback, immediate results

Our customers achieve ROI in as little as 1-2 years. By reducing labor needs to a minimum and eliminating human errors, you can realize large cost savings and boost your margins. Using our robots, you will speed up your fulfillment, improve customer and employee satisfaction, and reduce risk in your operations.

In some cases, Brightpick robots can be rented via a robots-as-a-service (RaaS) model instead of being purchased outright. Speak to our sales team to see if you qualify for this.

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Improve profitability from online sales by reducing your fulfillment costs.

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Improve customer satisfaction by eliminating human picking errors and increasing inventory accuracy.

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Leverage your existing store footprint and easily install Brightpick robots in back-of-store and micro fulfillment centers.

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Minimize upfront costs and scale throughput gradually based on your needs.

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Fulfill more orders during peak hours by picking and buffering orders in advance.

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Reduce supply chain risk and achieve 99.9% uptime with no single point of failure.

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