How Robots Are Enhancing Knuspr’s E-Grocery Operations

Knuspr is one of Germany’s fastest growing e-grocers and forms part of Rohlik Group, a thriving pan-European e-grocer that delivers more than 12 million orders per year.

In this keynote speech, hosted on the main stage of the Ecommerce Berlin conference, you will learn how Knuspr is using autonomous mobile robots in their warehouses to increase profitability, gain additional market share and enhance customer satisfaction.

You will hear from Rohlik Group’s Chief Automation Officer about how they evaluated different kinds of robot solutions, why they chose to partner with Brightpick, and what other ecommerce operators should expect when installing robots in their warehouses.

  • Time: February 22, 2024
  • Location: Berlin, Germany
  • Speakers: Ales Malucha (Chief Automation Officer at Knuspr and Rohlik Group) and Jan Zizka (CEO at Brightpick)
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