One of Europe’s Largest Online Grocers Implements Brightpick in its Fulfillment Center in Prague​

Brightpick recently launched a fully-automated fulfillment system in Rohlik Group’s Prague warehouse. Rohlik Group is one of Europe’s largest online grocers, with more than 10 million orders per year and a million customers.

Rohlik Group is implementing the Brightpick solution to fully automate its order fulfillment and dispatch operations. Using a combination of autonomous mobile robots (AMRs) and robotic pickers, Brightpick autonomously picks and consolidates orders before buffering them according to the exact pick-up and delivery schedule.

The flexibility and modularity of Brightpick means Rohlik Group can automate its existing warehouse, aisle-by-aisle, without disrupting ongoing operations or processes. In addition, the fully-mobile solution seamlessly integrates with the existing shelving and mezzanine structure without any need for reconfiguration.

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