The largest implementation in the history of the company is already delivering fashion clothes to customers all over the world.

Fashion company Dedoles, who started their journey as a company that was selling Funny socks grew into one of the largest fashion companies in central Europe. They quickly realized that at their current growth rate their processes are becoming unattainable. That is why they approached us at BRIGHTPICK and asked us to help them with automation of their fulfillment processes.

In the past they used a traditional batch picking approach to fulfill orders. Carts with boxes were pushed through the aisles visiting multiple warehouse sections one after the other to complete orders. It was clear that with an extreme growth in throughput the same approach will not suffice in the future. The BRIGHTPICK solution introduced literally the next level to their processes. What started as a discussion about how to introduce automated sorting into the process quickly became automation of the entire storage and replenishment process.

In the first stage the operator picks the item and places it into an automated sorting table. This sorting unit supports multi-order picking thus increasing the amount of orders it can process in one rotation. Once the order collection part is completed from a given segment, one of our consolidation AMR’s consolidates the order between various warehouse segments and transfers the finalized orders to the packing station. To streamline the dispatch process, the robotic arm precisely picks the packed orders from a moving conveyor based on destination QR codes and sorts them into appropriate destination totes.

The automation of the entire fulfillment process needed to be up and running for the peak season, however thanks to the developed full-stack technology we were able to deliver the project in record time and launch the era of modern fulfillment at our customer’s warehouse.

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