MTBIKER deploys Brightpick’s fully-automated fulfillment solution in new flagship warehouse s.r.o. (“MTBIKER”), one of the largest cycling e-shops in central Europe, has broken ground on a new flagship warehouse near Trenčín, Slovakia, which will use Brightpick’s fully-automated fulfillment solution to ship customer orders nationwide. Brightpick’s system will autonomously replenish and store items and fulfill orders using state-of-the-art mobile robots and proprietary optimization & orchestration software. Brightpick will allow MTBIKER to streamline storage and fulfillment, reduce error rates, cut costs and easily scale with seasonality or growth. The warehouse is expected to go live in early 2023.


MTBIKER is the largest cycling e-shop in Slovakia, with over 600,000 orders, 200,000 registered users, 60,000 SKUs and retail stores in Bratislava and Hradok. MTBIKER was founded in 1998 as the first cycling website in Slovakia and has grown to become the largest and most visited cycling portal in central Europe.

About Brightpick

Brightpick fully automates fulfillment order picking for 3PLs, eCommerce and eGrocers, using state-of-the-art AMRs and robotic piece-picking to autonomously replenish, pick, and consolidate orders. Brightpick’s patented system is powered by advanced AI algorithms, industry-leading 3D vision and proprietary optimization & orchestration software.

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