Central-European e-grocer enters the new era of fulfillment with the BRIGHTPICK solution

E-delia, a renowned e-grocery store is amongst first customers to experience the efficiency of the automation in their warehouses. The Slovak company decided to automate their fulfillment processes in early 2021.

This project features a fully automated, mobile robots based fulfilment solution for grocery orders. It was incorporated into the existing processes of our customer in order to improve the end-to-end fulfillment process. The unique thing specific for this project is the segmentation, that allows for multiple orders to be prepared simultaneously as well as to prioritize goods that are top sellers.

Goods to robot systems seamlessly connect mobile robots that store and retrieve totes with automated picking stations. Robotic arm navigated by advanced 3D Vision and AI object recognition picks items from the totes and places them into the order tote that is transported to packers stations that are situated at the bottom floor of a mezzanine.

The modular AI-powered solution offers extreme flexibility in the initial setup phase and ensures constant continuous learning and improvement of algorithms. This way the intelligence behind the solution always stays on top and ensures that the solution is always operating on the peak of its performance.

Stay tuned for more information about the project or contact our sales at info@brightpick.ai

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