BRIGHTPICK closes $21M Series B

BRIGHTPICK – the new business unit of well known company Photoneo received investment accolades of $21 million to pursue their vision of first and only fully automated fulfillment solution.

In the Series B investment round BRIGHTPICK & Photoneo attracted number of investors led by the globally known AI Capital, IPM Group, Earlybird, Venture to Future Fund and Across, and Credo Ventures as well as many more with their revolutionary approach towards fully robotized fulfillment solution for any size of warehouses, dark stores, e-grocers, e-commerce & q-commerce companies.

These sectors are all experiencing immense pressure, fuelled by rising customer demands and increasing speed of delivery. These changes have been dramatic over the past two years. Additionally, a shrinking labor force and ever-increasing labor costs translate to sector demand for automated fulfillment solutions. These solutions will help e-commerce companies keep their customer commitments, secure profitability and keep up in the hyper-competitive landscape.

“We identified a gap in the order fulfillment sector. We combined our unique technologies to develop a first-of-its-kind end-to-end solution for fully automated fulfillment centres,” says Jan Zizka, co-founder and CEO of Photoneo. “The potential of this next-gen warehouse automation technology is immense as it is highly flexible and scalable, maximizing throughput with minimum effort. It helps optimize processes, save space, and increase efficiency by 3 to 5 times compared to manual labor.”

If you are interested in bringing your warehouse to the next level, BRIGHTPICK is the first choice for end to end fully automated fulfillment solutions under one roof.

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