The Smartest Fulfillment System
Ever Created.

End-to-End Fulfillment Automation

A single solution to fully automate your fulfillment and eliminate labor challenges while retaining maximum flexibility and adaptability.

Mezzanine, brownfield, greenfield.


Decant and putaway items using AMRs and store in standard shelving and totes.

Brightpick AMR


AMRs autonomously retrieve storage totes and transport products to picking stations.


Leverage integrated robotic or human picking to pick a wide range of SKUs directly from AMRs.



AMRs transport goods across your warehouse to consolidate orders across multiple zones.

Meet our Runners

Our Runners carry two industry-standard totes: one retrieved directly from storage and another one in which to consolidate the order. Runners autonomously retrieve storage totes and find the nearest robotic or human picking station to pick the item into the order tote.

  • Autonomously consolidates orders and replenishes your warehouse
  • Easily alternates between robotic and human pickers depending on the SKUs or distance
  • Retrieves totes stored up to 10′ / 3 meters high
  • Safely operates around humans

Meet our Pickers

Powered by industry-leading machine vision and AI, our Pickers can robotically pick the vast majority of eCommerce SKUs, increasing labor efficiencies by 200-300%. Brightpick’s modularity means Pickers are placed in optimal locations across the warehouse, minimizing Runners’ travel distances and cycle times and maximizing efficiency and throughput.

  • Autonomously picks vast majority of eCommerce SKUs from Runners
  • Recognizes and picks never-before-seen items using advanced AI algorithms
  • Achieves 99.99% picking success rate
  • Safely operates around humans

Meet our Intuition

Intuition is the brain powering Brightpick. A powerful yet intuitive WES that orchestrates all robot workflows and seamlessly integrates Runners with Pickers, human picking stations, replenishment and consolidation. All through a user-friendly interface with full API integration.

  • Orchestrates all robot workflows into a single end-to-end solution
  • Consolidates orders in the shortest cycle time possible and maximizes robot efficiency with continuous path planning optimization and task prioritization
  • Monitors and reports operational activities and inventory in real time
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Eliminate Labor Challenges

Natively integrated robotic replenishment and robotic picking, all in a single product. True end-to-end automation.

Full Flexibility

Zero fixed infrastructure allows you to quickly adapt and reconfigure to evolving customer needs.


Achieve instant ROI with zero capex costs using Robots-as-a-Service pricing model. Easily scale as your business grows.


Achieve a 300% improvement in throughput efficiency and deliver excellent service at a fraction of the cost.

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