Robotics Implementation Project Manager

BRIGHTPICK is looking for a Robotics Implementation Project Manager with a passion for delighting customers, building trust, and leading by example throughout the implementation and launch of the BRIGHTPICK solution throughout North America. Flexibility, adaptability, initiative and hands-on engagement will be key as we tackle the ambiguity in our rapidly-growing startup environment. If you’re a project manager who geeks out about automation, robots, 3D vision sensors, AMRs, point clouds, IOT, etc… we recommend you read on.


  • Customer Obsession – Sense and call out tensions that our customer is experiencing and advocate for them by any means at our disposal; address that friction and discomfort head-on to achieve radical alignment and organic growth.
  • Communication – Develop relationships with the client team early and utilize those relationships to maintain clear communication and coordination. Ensure communication between project stakeholders, site team, vendors, etc., is timely and effective. Continuously question the efficacy of project rituals, tools and processes.
  • Leadership – Lead your team and the customer through the implementation and launch of their BRIGHTPICK (BP) solution including integration, infrastructure setup, configuration, testing and training.
  • Initiative – Explore and propose next steps after identifying a tension/risk/issue; proactively share the context, data and history to accelerate resolution. Answers won’t necessarily come easily in a startup environment but we only fail when we stop learning.
  • Operations/Workflow – Dive deep into the customer’s existing operation and workflows, embed yourself in their team and use a combination of technical knowledge and emotional intelligence to ensure seamless integration. The technical piece will be easier if you already have exposure to warehouse operations/management, industrial automation components, material handling systems, safety/construction regulations, and operational excellence philosophies.
  • Training – Educate our customers relentlessly to, first, build their trust in the BP solution, second, accelerate their journey from competency to mastery, and third, turn them into a BP advocate who sees the world through the lens of “what else is possible with BP?” Identify and fill train-the-trainer gaps and opportunities, leverage existing resources, and aid in the creation of assets that allow our customers to be self-sufficient.

Skills/Knowledge/Experience in your toolbox:

  • Influencing outcomes without formal authority over resources.
  • Planning, scheduling and coordinating cross-functional resources.
  • Exploring new ways of working and driving change management.
  • Integrating 3rd party systems with Warehouse Management Systems.
  • Building and troubleshooting electro-mechanical systems.
  • Basic comfort with tools and terms like machine learning, AI, vision sensors, structured light, PLC, LIDAR, 6-axis robots, AMR, I/O, RaaS, 3PL, point cloud, waypoint, Python, Agile, Lean, 5S, Jira, bonus points if you actually read this whole list, Google Workspace, API, e-commerce, FMS.
  • Bachelor’s degree in a technical or business-management discipline preferred. PMP or other project management certification(s) preferred.
  • 3+ years of experience leading projects within industrial/automation/fulfillment environments, with client-facing experience.
  • Willingness to travel 75-80% of the time; mostly in North America, with occasional travel overseas. Role is remote; BRIGHTPICK’s North American location is in Erlanger, KY just outside of Cincinnati.
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About Us

BRIGHTPICK was founded on the principle that there should not have to be a compromise between the flexibility and portability of fulfillment AMRs, the efficiency of fixed automation, and the modularity of pure micro fulfillment systems. By leveraging its heritage in best in class 3D vision with advanced AI algorithms for item recognition and state-of-the-art mobile robotics along with proven expertise with robotic picking stations, BRIGHTPICK developed an end-to-end, turnkey solution that completely automates fulfillment operations, but one that is highly customizable, scalable, and reconfigurable with no single point of failure. 

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