Robotics Field Technician

Brightpick is looking for a Robotics Field Technician to master a new set of tools (the Brightpick solution) and be a resource for automation commissioning, mechatronics troubleshooting, and client training. Flexibility, communication, initiative and hands-on engagement will be key as we deploy fleets of robots in our rapidly-growing startup environment. If you’re interested in automation, robots, 3D vision sensors, AMRs, point clouds, IOT, etc… read on.


  • Client Obsession – Client trust and goodwill is earned in each interaction and this role will interact with the customer very frequently in the field. Perform troubleshooting and root cause analysis, then drive customer issues to resolution. Enable effective collaboration, manage client relationships at the end-user level, and ensure smooth operation of the Brightpick solution on-site.
  • Initiative – Respond to client issues with urgency, prioritize based on severity, and relentlessly pursue all avenues and resources to minimize impact. Explore and propose next steps after identifying a tension/risk/issue; proactively share the context, data and history to accelerate resolution. Work with colleagues remotely and in-person to solve problems, both in-the-moment and for the long term.
  • Training – Collaborate with SMEs to master the training curriculum and address any content gaps. Deliver in-person training to end-users at client installations and provide feedback to continuously improve our training program. Continuously seek deeper knowledge of our product and mastery of current features to a level where you can confidently teach others.
  • Internal Support – Client installations will be the priority but this role will also support internal projects, e.g. preparing and demonstrating the system for potential clients at our HQ or at trade shows. Need to have the presence to demonstrate our solution to potential clients with confidence.

Skills/Knowledge/Experience in your toolbox:

  • Baseline robotics and mechatronics knowledge; hands-on experience in a technical support role or demonstration of technical aptitude.
  • Basic robot and PLC programming experience.
  • Familiarity with mechanical tools, meters and electrical test equipment.
  • Cursory knowledge of networking and automation communication network topologies, such as routers, access points, switches and servers.
  • Troubleshooting or providing remote troubleshooting support for electro-mechanical systems.
  • Basic comfort with tools and terms like machine learning, AI, vision sensors, structured light, PLC, LIDAR, 6-axis robots, AMR, I/O, 3PL, point cloud, waypoint, Agile, Lean, 5S, Jira, bonus points if you actually read this whole list, Google Workspace, e-commerce, FMS.
  • 2+ years of experience in a similar technical role; experience with warehouse operation/logistic functions/3PL industry preferred.
  • Bachelor’s degree in a technical discipline preferred.
  • Willingness to travel 50% of the time; mostly in North America, with occasional travel overseas. Role is on-site at Brightpick’s North American location in Erlanger, KY adjacent to the Cincinnati airport.
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About Us

BRIGHTPICK was founded on the principle that there should not have to be a compromise between the flexibility and portability of fulfillment AMRs, the efficiency of fixed automation, and the modularity of pure micro fulfillment systems. By leveraging its heritage in best in class 3D vision with advanced AI algorithms for item recognition and state-of-the-art mobile robotics along with proven expertise with robotic picking stations, BRIGHTPICK developed an end-to-end, turnkey solution that completely automates fulfillment operations, but one that is highly customizable, scalable, and reconfigurable with no single point of failure.