Operational Excellence & Learning Lead

BRIGHTPICK is looking for an Operational Excellence & Learning Lead in North America to embrace our vision of freeing humans from joyless work and then turn that focus inward to enable our team to do the best work of our lives. Organizational debt lives in the gap between our current operation and the dream state we would build if we had a blank slate; that gap is full of inadequate tools and unmet operational needs. This role will take extreme ownership of that gap and the mission to minimize it by building and deploying sorely needed training and tools along with mechanisms for disposing of pieces that no longer serve our vision. If you’d be happy making it so that you never have to open Excel again, we recommend you read on:


  • Operational Excellence – Collect, contextualize and consolidate operational feedback (data and facts supported by observation) to prioritize and organize new tools, procedures, process improvements and user training. Iterate using knowledge gained throughout implementation and launch to improve processes and build out a playbook. Master our products and act as a consultative operational excellence SME.
  • Ways of Working – Explore and architect ways of working that address internal and external operational tensions; establish operational empathy and shared context that will allow you to connect the dots between our strategy and the change we’re going to make.
  • Onboarding – Forge an orientation and learning path for colleagues, customers and vendors; shorten individual role learning curves by partnering with SMEs and apply the most appropriate instructional design tools and philosophies. Lead training sessions for new stakeholders while using every cohort as an opportunity to generate new content and test improved delivery methods (asynchronous, self-guided, automated).
  • Tool Sharpener – Drive the exploration, prototyping, implementation, stewardship, and support activities that will give our team the deepest tool box with the sharpest edges. Provide ongoing coaching and mentoring to ensure that team members benefit from the full utility of our tool stack. Tie the capabilities of our tool stack directly to business needs to provide the organization with context for our selections and encourage their own exploration.
  • Documentation – Create and maintain our sources of truth; relentlessly eliminate outdated or duplicate information while always leaving a digital breadcrumb trail that enables self-service discovery. Prioritize customer-facing assets that decouple our customer education process from our internal resources; an implementation and launch playbook will be foundational. Set standards for completeness and implement mechanisms that automate revision control, content creation/approval, and deprecation.

Skills/Knowledge/Experience in your toolbox:

  • Implementing Lean/5S/PMBOK/Agile tools and facilitating progress
  • Broad mechatronics knowledge including troubleshooting, schematic interpretation, preventative maintenance, installation best practices, and OSHA/NFPA/NEC compliance.
  • Bachelor’s degree in a technical or business-management discipline preferred. PMP or other project management certification(s) preferred.
  • Scoping and organizing training curriculum/paths and assets.
  • Delivering training to various stakeholder groups; public speaking.
  • Exploring new ways of working and driving change management.
  • Basic comfort with tools and terms like machine learning, AI, vision sensors, structured light, PLC, LIDAR, 6-axis robots, AMR, I/O, RaaS, WMS, 3PL, point cloud, waypoint, Python, Agile, Lean, 5S, Jira, bonus points if you actually read this whole list, Google Workspace, API, e-commerce, FMS.
  • 3+ years of experience in learning and development and/or operational excellence within industrial/automation/fulfillment environments, with client-facing experience.
  • Live in North America, preferably in EST timezone. Willingness to travel 20% of the time; mostly in North America, with occasional travel overseas. Role is remote; BRIGHTPICK’s North American location is in Erlanger, KY just outside of Cincinnati.
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BRIGHTPICK was founded on the principle that there should not have to be a compromise between the flexibility and portability of fulfillment AMRs, the efficiency of fixed automation, and the modularity of pure micro fulfillment systems. By leveraging its heritage in best in class 3D vision with advanced AI algorithms for item recognition and state-of-the-art mobile robotics along with proven expertise with robotic picking stations, BRIGHTPICK developed an end-to-end, turnkey solution that completely automates fulfillment operations, but one that is highly customizable, scalable, and reconfigurable with no single point of failure. 

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